Kiva Support Continued

Elvio from Paraguay ($50)

Elvio continues with his work as a carpenter. He is a very hard working individual and has made a living from carpentry for the past 14 years. By means of his work he has been able to give his loved ones everything that he could not have. With his previous loan he was able to buy a variety of products to use for his work.

This is Elvio's third loan and he is requesting it to be able to invest in large quantities of wood, which he will use as a primary material for his business. He is very grateful for this new opportunity as it will prove to be a great help.

You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.

Yolanda's Group from Mexico ($50)

Meet Yolanda, she lives in a community in the mountains of Guerrero. Yolanda, her family, and friends got together to lower the overall cost of acquiring their solar energy systems.

They will be able to enjoy clean energy and not have to burn candles and oil lamps or get up early in the morning or stay up after dusk without breathing the toxic fumes that emanate from their current light sources. This is a great opportunity for all of them to better their life and health.

In this group: Yolanda , Fernanda , Irene, Rosa , Victoriano

You can read more about them on their Kiva profile.

Balqees from Jordan ($50)

Balqees is a university student in her senior year of studying computer information systems. She has a gift for programming, and enjoys it very much. As soon as she finishes university, her dad has convinced her to open a programming office. Balqees works (in addition to her studies) in a supermarket to support herself and help her parents with her university tuition fees. She is applying for a loan to aid her in paying her tuition fees.

You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.

Hadeel from Jordan ($50)

Hadeel is a university student. She is studying Computer Science and is currently in her junior year. 

She is 20 years old and her father supports her. He is a store owner. 

Hadeel is fond of reading and is applying for a loan to pay her university tuition fees.

You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.

Anna from Armenia ($50)

Anna is a hardworking farmer from Kapan town. She lives with her husband and 3 children. The whole family is involved in farming activities. Anna keeps cattle consisting of calves and cows. She gathers milk and produces dairy products for sales. Anna's husband is a private sector employee and together they provide for the daily living expense of their children. 

Anna has applied for this Kiva loan to renovate the barn. According to her words, the barn is in poor condition and can not withstand severe weather conditions during winter months. So, she hopes to renovate the barn and provide better conditions for her cattle.

You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.

Thùy from Vietnam ($100)

Mrs Thủy is 40 years old and she is married with 3 children. She lives in Hau Loc district, a semi-urban town in Thanh Hoa province. She has had a service business tailoring clothes for 8 years. Her family has no clean latrine, but her work is not stable, so they don't have money to build a new bathroom.

One of the most critical difficulties that concerns her is not having clean water to use. She is requesting a loan to purchase sand, cement, brick and equipment to install a clean water system.

You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.


Mark from The USA ($100)

"My name is Mark Keeley and I grew up with my brother, Scott Keeley, in 9 different towns across New York and New England. After our 9th move, my father broke away from corporate life and started his own truck dealership in western Massachusetts, where my brother and I worked every summer. We come from a family of entrepreneurs. My uncles ran their own antique plating company and my other relatives own businesses that include pallet recycling and electrical contracting. I am a right-brain accountant / CPA by trade and my brother is a left-brain industrial designer and Patent Agent who ran his own furniture design business. We actively volunteer our combined accounting, design and patent writing skills to entrepreneurial startup business, especially socially and environmentally conscious organizations, such as the Social Enterprise Trust (reSET) in Hartford, CT. Our dream has always been to invent a product that solves a social or environmental problem."

You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.


Marites from The Philippines ($50)

Marites is a 47-year-old married woman with three children. She is a very hardworking entrepreneur.

Marites has a dried fish making business in the Philippines. Marites requested a PHP 16,000 loan amount through NWTF to purchase additional materials like fish, sacks of salt, and other materials needed to make dried fish to sell.

Marites has been in this business for seven years. She would like to save enough money so she could afford to send her children to college. You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.