Kiva Support

I use 5% of the proceeds from sales to fund entrepreneurs all over the world. I do this with loans through an organization called Kiva. If you are unfamiliar, here is a page explaining how it works. Since I am donating the time-value of money (a loan) rather that money itself, this altruism does not increase the price of my products. Below are the people who I have funded so far and how much I loaned them. In total, Strapping Fellow has loaned $3,550. All of the entrepreneurs Strapping Fellow has supported couldn't fit on this page, so it continues here.

Aquelino from Peru ($50) 

Aquelino is a working man of 38 who lives together with his partner in the rural locality of Chuñuhuayo, which is located in Morquegua. He has made a living in agricultural work for more than 14 years. He currently works as an agricultural worker and also makes a living in agriculture and in the raising of organic cattle. He always puts a lot of attention in the care and the food that he offers them, which consists mostly of the organic alfalfa he cultivates.

He is asking for a microloan so as to be able to prepare his agricultural terrain, fertilizing it with organic material, eliminating the weeds, etc., so as to be able to increase the yield of his next crop. In the future, he hopes to improve the living conditions and his family and count on a greater number of cattle. You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.


Martha from Columbia ($50) 

Martha runs a bakery in the capital of the country. The business provides for the food and wellbeing of her 10-year old son. 

Every day of the week her customers can come to the bakery between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm to make their purchases. There they can find all kinds of bread, cookies, cakes, cheese bread etc, as well as other items such as drinks, milk products and so on.

Now Martha is seeking her first Kiva loan with the Mario Santo Domingo Foundation to buy an industrial food mixer so that she can make the bread and other baking more easily. Her dreams are to deliver bread in the local area and to improve the quality of life of her family. 
You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.


Ibraham from Lebanon ($50) 

Ibrahim is a 31-year-old married father of four children and a Palestinian refugee who lives in a Palestinian refugee camp. Due to the low social and financial situations of Palestinians in Lebanon, he left school at an early age and became employed in a banana trade company to cover his needs and expenses. He also works in hardware as a second source of income.

Ibrahim is acquiring a loan from Kiva's field partner Al Majmoua to pay for his daughter's necessary medical expenses. He hopes to keep the good work up to increase his income and improve his family's living conditions inside the camp. You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.


Manuela from Guatemala ($50) 

Manuela is a woman that strives to always reach her goals. She has a beautiful family that she works and lives for. Manuela says that thanks to the loan that she previously obtained, she was able to invest in her business of typical clothing, which she had dreamed of for so long.

Manuela's business is now more recognized and generates more profits which is a great start, however, she has a very important quality, she is not a conformist, so she believes in the need to continue investing in her business. As a result, she is requesting another loan to buy güipiles, belts and fabric of different colors and prices in order to provide better services to her customers. Manuela's hope in life is to have her own place of business. You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.


James from Uganda ($50) 

James is an enterprising 42-year-old married man with three children living in Masindi, Uganda. He does farming as his major business, such as maize, beans, groundnuts and soya beans, which he sells in his produce business after harvest. He has been in business for twenty years.

He is responsible for taking care of his family and the business. Weather vagaries, price fluctuation and shortage of labor affect his business while his dream is to educate his offspring and modernize his farm. He intends to use the loan to plough, weed and buy fertilizers and seeds for planting. You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.


Millicent from The Phillipines ($50) 


Millicent saw an opportunity to expand her business when one of her regular customers asked a coconut fruit vendor for a bulk order. Today Millicent today not only delivers chickens to her customers but also sells coconut for additional income. Millicent is requesting a renewal loan in the amount of PHP 25,000 to buy more chicks, bags of feed and vitamins to raise her chickens and 200 pieces of coconut to sell to her customers.

The new loan will enable her buy more chicks, raise more chickens, and further increase her income. Millicent wanted to continuously improve and expand her business to provide for her child and save for her child's future education. You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.


School of Hygiene in Uganda ($50) 


This is Richard. He is the principal of School of Hygiene, a mixed school with 300 students in the urban area of Mbale. School of Hygiene has requested a loan to cover the cost of installing and maintaining two UV water filtration systems to provide clean drinking water for its students. The school does not currently have consistent access to clean drinking water and therefore has to spend a considerable portion of its budget on firewood, which is used to boil water for the children. Installing two water filtration systems will save the school money in the long term as the cost of firewood will be reduced. The loan will enable the school to purchase two UV water treatment systems with two 450-liter tanks, which will be big enough to store clean drinking water for the students every day.

School of Hygiene will repay its loan from school fees, which are collected each term. Richard hopes that having access to safe drinking water will ultimately improve his students' concentration and attendance by reducing the number of children who fall sick from water-borne diseases, as well as increase the number of students coming to the school. You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.

Wendy from El Salvador ($50) 

Wendy, age 24, studied through high school. Because of the economic situation of her family she was unable to continue her studies. She is married and her husband works cutting trees and planning basic grains such as corn and beans. He also does chores of a farm cutting, pruning and fertilization of coffee. She is the mother of a 2 year old. Wendy takes care of the house. Previously she took care of the home of her parents and her uncle who had a small chicken farm. It was there where she learned to care for this small species. With time she gained experience. Now, during the day, she is around to be sure that the chickens don't need food and she always helps her uncle because she doesn't have her own job. Wendy needs the loan to purchase 300 chickens, food, fencing to enclose the hen house, water stations and feeders. With this loan she will improve the chicken facilities and will make the space better.

Wendy's dream is to see her business grown and that her quality of life be different. She also dreams of bettering her home and giving her children all of the support that they need to study. You can read more about her on her 
Kiva profile.

Tita from The Philippines ($100) 

Tita is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She is 50 years old, and her husband is a farmer. Tita used to wake up early in the morning to prepare her husband's breakfast and to get him ready to go farming. She was able to earn a small income from farming. Because of her low income, she started her sari-sari (general store) business.Tita has been running this business for 13 years. To keep her store profitable and progressive, she is asking for additional capital of 20,000 PHP to buy bottled drinks and other grocery items to sell. You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.

Fausto from Ecuador ($75) 

Fausto is 49 years old and married. His wife takes care of the household chores. The couple has two daughters: Nataly, 25 years old, and Alejandra, 18 years old.

Fausto has a small carpentry workshop, which he opened 25 years ago. With effort, dedication and perseverance, Fausto has put in all his knowledge to run the business. This trade now pays for food, housing and health costs in Fausto's family.

Fausto will use this loan to buy planks of wood and plywood to finish building a few closets that are on order. He can then make his the products more quickly. Fausto could not move forward without capital.

Fausto's biggest dream is to help his daughters to continue with their studies. You can read more about him on his 
Kiva profile.

Bernadette from Madagascar ($75) 

Bernadette is a dynamic 30-year-old married woman and the mother of two children. She lives in a semi-rural neighborhood where she owns a small farm. She has been borrowing money from Vahatra for the past two years. Thanks to the profits made from her previous loans, she was able to buy a plot of land. This current loan will help her buy three pigs for fattening and one dairy cow. She will also buy livestock feed. She is hoping to make further profits in order to build a house on the land that she's bought. You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.

San Jorge Group from Bolivia ($100) 

The communal bank San Jorge continues working together. The previous loan was used for buying merchandise and basic materials, paying for services and improving their work spaces. They made payments on time because they planned their goals carefully. Currently, Eddy presides over the bank.

Eddy is a 39-year-old woman, she lives with her partner. They have two children, ages twelve and seventeen. Her business is a bakery. She is dependable, friendly and very entrepreneurial. She runs her business in the 'July 7th' neighborhood, known for all types of manufacturing. You can read more about them on their 
Kiva profile.

El Sol De Cupiche Group from Peru ($100) 

The Sol de Cupiche group is made up of members who work providing services and in small business. Juana is 55 years old and is married, with children who are now independent. For a number of years she has worked selling knitted handicrafts made of wool. She also sells gelatin snacks.

Juana will invest the loan in the purchase of wool and buttons to fill her orders. The group is grateful to the Kiva investors for the loan they've provided. Juana is the second person from the left in the photograph. You can read more about them on their 
Kiva profile.


Elena from Guatemala ($50) 

Elena is a 46-year-old woman. She is, in fact, simply attached to her husband, with whom she has had a family of 6 children, between the ages 8-30 years old. They live in a community of Sololá.

Elena, with the ambition of obtaining income and getting her family ahead, earns a living making and selling traditional clothes. She has carried out this work for 10 years. She loves this business, because she carries it out from the comfort of her home, thus allowing her to fulfill other activities.

With the passing of the years, Elena's family has been growing and thus her necessities have as well. One of the most fundamental is purchasing a plot for cultivation. This is with the ambition of having a place where it is possible to farm and increase her income.

Her greatest wish is to improve her economic income, to increase her crops, and to pay for her children's education. You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.


Edna from Kenya ($50) 

Three out of ten farmers in the Siongiroi area of Kenya struggle to make their way in this world because of a lack of financing from microfinancing and financial institutions. This is true for Edna, 38, who is based in the Siongiroi area of Kenya and is a loving mother of four.

She has been practicing mixed farming for the past ten years, and she has managed to earn a decent income. Her primary source of income has been milk, eggs, crops, and some personal businesses she engages in to make ends meet. She passionately loves dairy farming, and when asked what is most enjoyable about dairy farming, she stated, “feeding my cows.” Her hobby is milking her cow. She sells milk to her neighbors and to the local market, but the demand has been overwhelming, and she cannot meet the demand.

For this reason, she is seeking a loan to buy an extra dairy cow, which will assist in increasing milk productivity. The dairy cow that she plans to buy is not just an ordinary cow; it’s a quality breed of dairy cow that will produce between 8 and 12 litres of milk a day. This will immediately translate to more profit and increased income levels. Profits from selling milk will be used to repay the loan in full, and the extra income will be used to increase her business enterprise.

Edna is very ambitious. In the near future, she intends to start adding value to her milk business by packaging the milk before selling, and she also plans to start selling dairy products. An improved income level will assure her family of a secure future. By joining Juhudi Kilimo, which assists smallholder farmers, she will also benefit from free extension services and links to markets.

You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.


Hợi from Vietnam ($50)


Mrs Hợi is 32 years old and she is married. She has had a retail business selling dry food and general things for 6 years.

Hợi lives in Thanh Hoa city, an urban town in Thanh Hoa province. Her family is a low-income household in the village; moreover, the market need is low in this region.

Her family has a latrine but it is not hygienic. One of the most critical difficulties that concerns her is that the latrine is not hygienic. She is requesting a loan to purchase sand, cement, brick and equipment to build a hygienic toilet. This is Hợi's first loan with the Thanh Hoa microfinance institution.

With her business profit, Hợi hopes for her business to do well, for her family to be healthy and happy, and to build a new house. You can read more about her on her 
Kiva profile.


Vakhtang from Georgia ($50)

Vakhtang is 57 years old, a married man from the small village of Zestaponi district. He lives with his pensioner wife. Vakhtang wants to purchase a milk cow and requested a loan. The Start Up program, which is a joint initiative with Kiva and Credo enables him to get a loan of 2000 GEL. With the received credit he will purchase a milk cow and, together with his wife, will produce dairy products. You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.


Evangenina from El Salvador ($50)

Evangelina, 35, went to school until sixth grade. She's partnered and her partner works in agriculture. She doesn't have children and no one else live with her.

Evangelina has earned a living growing corn and beans for about 10 years. The field where she works with her partner is 15 minutes from her house. Evangelina needs the loan to buy agricultural inputs to apply to her crops.

Evangelina dreams of having a dignified life. 
You can read more about her on her 
Kiva profile.


Agustin from Bolivia ($50)

Agustin is been married for over 10 years and he is the owner of the family house. He sells milk, he loves his animals a lot, and he also works as a mason. Agustin needs a loan to buy a milking cow. He and his family live in an adobe house, but he would like to have a bigger farm. You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.


Anita from El Salvador ($50)

Anita, 25, left school after the ninth grade. She is married now and has a 3-year old son. Her husband, a farmer, grows garden crops.

Anita has a business making and designing clothes. Her income from the business helps to cover the family's expenses.

Anita is applying for a loan that she will use to buy an electric sewing machine, one that will allow her to make better-quality and more durable clothing. The new machine will also allow her to work faster and deliver orders for clothing quicker, an advantage sure to make her customers happy.

Anita would like to open a clothing store in the future, selling clothing that she herself designs. She also hopes to send her son to college one day.You can read more about her on her 
Kiva profile.


Shameem from Pakistan ($50)

Shameem has successfully built her business selling milk with the support of Kashf Foundation and Kiva. By this time she has attained a good number of customers and makes a good amount of income to contribute in the family income.

Previously, with the help of Kiva, she was able to expand her business. Now she is in her eighth loan cycle and has applied for a loan of 55,000 PKR to purchase another buffalo. This will enable her to increase her milk sales to more cities and to gain more profits. You can read more about her on her 
Kiva profile.


Sairagul from Kyrgyzstan ($50)

Sairagul is 27, married, and the mother of two children. She has a secondary education. At the moment, she is involved in animal husbandry and agriculture. Her husband helps her to run the farming business. Sairagul takes her business very seriously. Every year, she grows potatoes and corn on 0.32 hectare of land, and she also owns two cows.

Sairagul has turned to Bai Tushum Bank CJSC to request a loan of 100,000 som (KGS) to purchase a cow with her calf, in order to increase her cattle headcount and her production and sales volume of delicious, organic milk. She will use the earnings from her loan to further grow her business. She also wants to save enough money to renovate her house.You can read more about her on her 
Kiva profile.

Francisco from Nicaragua ($50)

Francisco is from the community of Tiguilotada. He reports that he still remembers that when he started elementary school it was very difficult, because the school was far away, and his parents were in a bad financial situation. His parents always fought hard to make income to be able to provide food for the family and take care of the rest of their needs. Thus, with a great deal off effort he was able to finish primary school, and then he began working in the fields with his father.

He now has his own family. He lives with his wife and two children, who are already grown up. With a great deal of effort he has been able to provide them with a better life. In his home he does not have electricity - they live this way since conventional energy is not yet available in the community. He wants to use this loan to purchase a solar power system and install it in his home. You can read more about him on his 
Kiva profile.

Miguel from Guatemala ($50)

Miguel is a 47 year old man who works very hard to support his family, including four children. He makes a living selling bananas. He inherited this type of work from his parents, who were also involved in this trade. He carries out his work in the village where he lives. This type of business is very profitable and helps him to generate the economic resources he needs to take care of his family. He has been involved in this work for more than 30 years, and his children help him.

With this loan, he will buy land.

One of his main dreams is that in the future, his profits will help him to buy more land so that he can then pass these lands onto his children. You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.

Emily from Kenya ($50)

Emily is a 45 year old mother of three from Kabiyet, a remote village in the Eldoret area of Kenya.

For the past 10 years, her primary sources of income have been crops and animal farming. Emily passionately loves farming and has even nicknamed one of her cows “Tuyai” (this is from a person’s name), and whenever she is milking her cow, she feels proud. She is content with the farming way of life.

Her biggest challenge in farming is irrigating her farm. She is requesting a loan to buy a generator that she will use in pumping water from the river to her farm. Irrigation is used to assist in the growing of agricultural crops, maintenance of landscapes, and re-vegetation of disturbed soils in dry areas and during periods of inadequate rainfall.

Through this loan, she will be able to double her crop production, and this will translate to more income. Through the extra income from farming, she will be able to support her family and keep up with her rising family expenses. You can read more about her on her 
Kiva profile.

Saumu from Kenya ($50)

Saumu is a married woman and has two children, both of whom attend school. She lives at a rental that has electricity and piped water. She has operated a tailoring business for the past four years. She makes suits for women and men. Her potential clients are ladies and gents. She dreams of establishing a boutique in the future.

With the 50,000 KES, she wants to purchase cloth materials and sewing thread for her business. You can read more about her on her 
Kiva profile.

Josué Elmer from El Salvadore ($50)

Elmer, 25, is in a relationship and has two children ages 5 and 3. He was only able to attend school through fourth grade of primary school because his family couldn’t pay for his education. His wife works from home and just she and their two children depend on him. Elmer is a vendor who sells sweet bread and French bread from his motorcycle. He has done this work for over four years and learned from a friend. He works every day, traveling around 22 kilometers. He is requesting this loan to repair his motorcycle and invest in his business. He dreams of giving his children an education and building his own home.You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.

Dmitrii from Kyrgyzstan ($50)

Dmitrii is a freshman at the American University of Central Asia, Department of Business Administration. He says "I think that my mission in this world is not finished and I can do more exciting things along with my study at AUCA. I understand that hobbies are good and free entertainment, but I need to get a higher education to be sure of my future, and hope I will be the best at AUCA, too. Your loan will help me win many more “life contests and battles” that will have positive impact on my community. Thank you in advance." You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.

Asel from Kyrgyzstan ($50)

Asel is a first-year student at the American University of Central Asia, Department of Sociology. She says "Having the opportunity to support my education, and my family, with the KIVA loan is extremely important, and I am thankful to KIVA lenders all ever the world for believing in me and investing in my future!” You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.

Yousef from Palestine ($50)

Yousef is a 24-year-old married man from Khan Younis. He lives with his wife and one kid. Yousef opened a workshop for aluminum where he makes high-quality windows and doors in different shapes. Yousef would like to improve his business and expand it in the future. He requested this loan to help him to buy raw materials for his aluminum workshop. By taking this loan, Yousef will be able to increase his productivity and take more orders. You can read more about him on his Kiva profile.

Janet from The Philippines ($50)

Janet is a married woman with four children, two of whom are in school. She is a 30-year old entrepreneur and has an abaca weaving business in the Philippines. She has requested a loan to purchase additional raw materials for her business. Janet has been in this business for five years. In the future, she would like to save enough money to afford to send her children to college. You can read more about her on her Kiva profile.

Meriam from The Philippines ($50)

Meriam is a 52 year old woman from Usokan, Plaridel. She and her partner have 3 school-age kids. From her desire to help the family, she engaged in selling fish in different barangays (small villages) in the municipality of Plaridel. Her motorcycle is her only source of transportation to reach the different barangays and sell fish. This has been her source of income for 2 years now.

She has requested a loan to purchase more stock of fish. Through this, she hopes to increase and/or have more income so she is able to provide for the daily needs of her family. Also she is happy she can support the education of her children which is her main priority in her hardship.

You can read more about Meriam on her Kiva profile.

Meshack from Kenya ($25)

Meshack is married and has 3 children. He operates a retail business where he makes jikos (metal cooking stoves). He has been involved in this business for 3 years. His business is located in a busy area. He describes his biggest business challenge to be lack of finances.

He will use the KES 20,000 loan to buy more stock of materials to make jikos. His business goal is to be a supplier within 5 years. He hopes that in the future, he will have a better life.

You can read more about Meshack on his Kiva profile.

Vinea from Samoa ($50)

Vinea is 31 years old and single with one child. She has a small plantation where she grows taro that she can sell in her community or at the market. She has been doing this for one year.

Vinea needs a loan to buy crops, a wheelbarrow, a machete, a crowbar, chemicals, a spade, and new boots.

She has been a member of South Pacific Business Development (SPBD) since 2014. Vinea will use the profits from her sales to pay for her family's weekly expenses.

You can read more about Vinea on her Kiva profile.

The Kan Kyi Village from Myanmar ($75)

Located in Central Myanmar’s Myothit township, this community currently has 32 village customers, including three CBO (Community Based Organization) committee members who help to lead the loan program in the area. This year, rainfall is erratic, threatening this season's harvest. Sesame is the main crop for this village. Additionally, access to credit is quite limited, as the country's largest provider, the state-owned agricultural bank, is not active in this region. The village is quite small, as there are only about 80 households. They earn money mainly by farming and raising livestock. Although the village is small, it regularly celebrates Buddhist cultural ceremonies, such as offering provisions to the village's 40 monks.

This new loan will help this community purchase farming inputs, such as fertilizer and high-quality sesame seeds. Sesame grains are $60 and groundnut grains are $40 for one acre. The extra income will be used for household expenses and community development projects. For example, villagers are raising funds to complete the construction of the village's primary school, which is in need of floors.

You can read more about The Kan Kyi Village on their Kiva profile.

Aiymbubu from Kyrgyzstan ($50)

Aiymbubu is a 52 years old divorced mother of three children. She has a high school education and she raises livestock, which is the family's main source of income. She plans to use the income from this loan to further increase her head of livestock and save money for her daughter's wedding.

You can read more about Aiymbubu on her Kiva profile.

Bekhal from Iraq ($50)

Bekhal is a true model of a persistent, self-made Iraqi woman. A 48 year old mother, she took over the prime responsibility of raising her teenage son after her divorce 15 years ago. Following her divorce Bekhal’s work as school clerk did not provide enough income to cover her and her son’s expenses. To supplement her income, she worked in the evenings for almost three years, making handicrafts and knitting wool to provide an extra income. When she realized that this extra income would not cover the increasing expenses of her growing son, she decided to build on her old hobby of hair dressing and open her own beauty salon.

Although she was faced with many difficult challenges, including a lack of capital, Bekhal refused to give up. She worked in a salon for two years learning her trade and saving money. Over time, she saved enough to attend professional training in Turkey and finally opened her own salon in 2004. Though she remembers the difficult times she faced, Bekhal is proud of her achievements and has become a strong entrepreneur who has been able to prove her worth to her family and her society.

Through the creation of her salon, Bekhal was able to create two job opportunities for other community members and expects to increase her number of employees as her business develops.

You can read more about Bekhal on her Kiva profile.

Fausto from Paraguay ($50)

Fausto is studying agroindustrial engineering. His goal is to be able to help his family and loved ones. He's using his loan to cover the tuition costs of his university, which will help him continue with his dreams and goals.

You can read more about Fausto on his Kiva profile.

Darvin from Peru ($100)

Darvin was born in Bagua in the northern jungle of Peru. His parents were killed at the hands of natives of the region in an attack when he was very young. Nearly everyone in the village died that day. Miraculously, he survived. He now lives with his aunt (his mother's sister) and her husband. They have raised him since then and love him like a son.

He studies industrial electronics at a technical institute. He is very excited to finish his degree and become a professional. He believes that education is the first step and a fundamental stepping stone to achieve development in any region.

You can read more about Darvin on his Kiva profile.

Pela from Samoa ($50)

Pela is a 22-year-old married woman with 1 child. She has a small plantation and grows bananas, taro and yams to earn a living. She has been doing this for five years. Pela has requested a loan to buy new equipment for her business. With her profits, Pela hopes to expand her business to provide for her family's daily needs.

If you would like to see more information about Pela, you can visit her profile on Kiva

Zaid from Palestine ($50)

Zaid is a 24-year-old man who has been working in a shop where he sells mobile phones. He has been doing this for the past six years. Zaid has requested a loan to buy tables and computers so he can open his own internet cafe business.

If you would like to see more information about Zaid, you can visit his profile on Kiva.  

Ninfa from Columbia ($25)


For 12 years, Ninfa has worked making clothing and jewelry, which has allowed her to give her family a better quality of life. She is requesting this loan to purchase supplies such as thread, needles, accessories, and fabric in order to continue to increase her sales. She hopes to improve her financial situation and give her children a better education, including access to a university education in the future.

If you would like to see more information about Ninfa, you can visit her profile on Kiva.

Emelyn from The Philippines ($75)

Emelyn is a 46 year-old woman with three children. For the last 5 years, she has owned and operated a banana production in the local community in order to earn a living. She has requested a loan to purchase additional seedlings and chemicals for farming.

If you would like to see more information about Emelyn, you can visit her profile on Kiva.


Mary from Uganda ($50)

Mary is 21 years old who lives in the town of Nakifuma in the Mukono region of Uganda. She is married and has two children with one of them currently in school. For the past three years, Mary has been working hard to manage her small charcoal business. 
To help expand her business, Mary has requested a loan of 500,000 Ugandan shillings. The loan will be used to purchase more sacks of charcoal to sell, and it will help Mary to generate greater profits and improve her family's standand of living. Mary hopes that in the future she will be able to build her own residential house.

If you would like to see more information about Mary, you can visit her profile on Kiva.


Robert Carlos from El Salvador ($50)

Roberto cultivates corn and beans. He is 36 and married without children at the moment. Roberto learned to farm from his father at a young age, and they still farm together.

He needs this loan to buy manure, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, and seeds, and to prepare the land. This investment will help him to increase production and to obtain a better income.
His goal is to strengthen his business and offer his wife a better quality of life. He also wants to have children.

If you would like to see more information about Robert Carlos, you can visit his profile on Kiva.

Bardhok from Albania ($75)


Bardhok wants to buy a dairy cow with the loan that he is requesting from Kiva lenders. He wants to sell milk and baby calves to the locals. He said: “I have seen others in my village and region that pursue livestock activity, and they comment that it is worthwhile. Up until now, I have been selling fresh veggies and fruits and sometimes eggs, but adding some dairy produce will boost my income eventually and of course will increase the work volume, but I am ready for it. Livestock requires more hard labor because you have to wake up very early to milk the animals and get them out of the stable to breathe a bit of the morning fresh air, but anyhow almost every villager is an early riser whether they wanted or not."

Bardok has four children, all school-aged, and they live in the very rural northern part of the country.

If you would like to see more information about Bardhok, you can visit his profile on Kiva.

Marianita from The Philippines ($75)

Marianita is a hardworking entrepreneur who has a vegetable vending business in the Philippines. She is borrowing PHP 29,000 through NWTF to purchase more stock of spices and vegetables to sell in her food stall. Marianita successfully paid back her previous loan and is now requesting a new loan to build her business. NWTF is re-listing Marianita's business profile again in support of her efforts to secure the future of her family.

If you would like to see more information about Marianita, you can visit her profile on Kiva.

Jose Antonio from El Salvador ($50)

José has been in business for 10 years with his life partner. They work-full time to buy coffee to roast, grind, and sell to clients. His family is compromised of his life partner and their three children who are 17 years old, 14 years old, and a three-month old daughter. 

With this loan he’ll buy coffee beans in bulk to process and sell to his customers. He hopes to have a lot of ingredients so that his sales will grow and generate enough income to pay off his debts and help out his family.

His dream is to give his children a university education, grow his business, and improve his home.

If you would like to see more information about Jose Antonio, you can visit his profile on Kiva.

Rosalinda from The Philippines ($100)

Rosalinda is a hard-working entrepreneur who earns a living by farming rice and raising pigs in the Philippines. 

She is borrowing PHP 25,000 through Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation, Inc. (NWTF) in order to buy fertilizer and other farm supplies. If you would like to see more information about Rosalinda, you can visit her profile on Kiva.

Jose Norberto from El Salvador ($50)

Jose operates a farm with his wife. He is requesting a loan to buy oxen to efficiently plow his fields as well as rent them out to plow the fields of other farmers. If you would like to see more information about Jose, you can visit his profile on Kiva.


Flor De Marina from El Salvador ($50)

Flor has a husband and two children who help her operate her paper store and tailoring store. She is requesting a loan to stock her store with school supplies and sweets for local students. If you would like to see more information about Flor, you can visit her profile on Kiva.


Pacita from The Philippines ($50)

Pacita has a husband and five children who she helps to support. For the past 10 years, she has been farming sugar cane with the help of local workers. She has requested a loan to pay local workers to harvest her sugar cane this season. If you would like to see more information about Pacita, you can visit her profile on Kiva.


Nicholas from The United States ($50)

Nicholas holds a graduate degree in Film and Screenwriting from NYU and a Bachelor's degree in Theater and English Literature with a concentration on Shakespeare. After getting layed off in 2012, he decided to follow his dreams and create interactive books based on the works of Shakespeare. Nicholas has requested a loan to help pay for advertising and legal fees associated with his books, which are currently being used in several schools across the country. If you would like to see more information about Nicholas, you can visit his profile on Kiva.


Kholniso from Tajikistan ($50)

Kholniso is a wife and mother of two who runs a dairy business from her farm. She is using her loan to buy cows and expand her dairy business. If you would like to see more information about Kholniso, you can visit her profile on Kiva.