Thanks to customers, Cloudy Sky Leatherworks was able to make a $50 Kiva loan to Bekhal from Iraq and a $50 Kiva loan to Fausto from Paraguay

Bekhal is a true model of a persistent, self-made Iraqi woman. A 48 year old mother, she took over the prime responsibility of raising her teenage son after her divorce 15 years ago. Following her divorce Bekhal’s work as school clerk did not provide enough income to cover her and her son’s expenses. To supplement her income, she worked in the evenings for almost three years, making handicrafts and knitting wool to provide an extra income. When she realized that this extra income would not cover the increasing expenses of her growing son, she decided to build on her old hobby of hair dressing and open her own beauty salon. Although she was faced with many difficult challenges, including a lack of capital, Bekhal refused to give up. She worked in a salon for two years learning her trade and saving money. Over time, she saved enough to attend professional training in Turkey and finally opened her own salon in 2004. Though she remembers the difficult times she faced, Bekhal is proud of her achievements and has become a strong entrepreneur who has been able to prove her worth to her family and her society. Through the creation of her salon, Bekhal was able to create two job opportunities for other community members and expects to increase her number of employees as her business develops.

You can read more about Bekhal on her Kiva profile.

Fausto is studying agroindustrial engineering in Paraguay. His goal is to be able to help his family and loved ones. He's using his loan to cover the tuition costs of his university, which will help him continue with his dreams and goals.

You can read more about Fausto on his Kiva profile.

So far Cloudy Sky Leatherworks has loaned $1,150 to entrepreneurs and students all over the world!