Cloudy Sky Leatherworks has now loaned over $1,000 to entrepreneurs in developing countries

Thanks to the hundreds of Cloudy Sky Leatherworks customers over the past year and a half for making this possible!


Cloudy Sky Leatherworks has loaned $100 to Darvin from Peru to pay for his education. Darvin was born in Bagua in the northern jungle of Peru. His parents were killed at the hands of natives of the region in an attack when he was very young. Nearly everyone in the village died that day. Miraculously, he survived. He now lives with his aunt (his mother's sister) and her husband. They have raised him since then and love him like a son.

He studies industrial electronics at a technical institute. He is very excited to finish his degree and become a professional. He believes that education is the first step and a fundamental stepping stone to achieve development in any region.

You can read more about Darvin on his Kiva profile.

So far, Cloudy Sky Leatherworks has loaned $1,050.